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Cool It Window Tint cares about people’s  knowledge regarding tinting their vehicles.  Therefore, we provide a guide that tackles  window tinting benefits and regulations. We are going to exposes  window tinting in Upland. By the time you have finished reading the article, we expect you to have a comprehensive idea of all you need about windows tinting in window tinting in Rancho Cucamonga and elsewhere.

Taking care of your car is important to be sure it lasts for many years and protects you and your passengers. Taking care of your car goes beyond maintaining its operative function. It means taking care of your car’s windows too. Your windows play an important role in the safety of your vehicle as well as the look and comfort. Window tinting is one way you can help give you added protection in an accident as well as it helps to maintain and preserve the integrity of your car’s interior.

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What is Window Tinting?

Window tinting involves applying a coat or film of laminate over the inside of the window. It is typically made of polyester which is known for its strength, clarity among other positive features. Tinting helps prevent a specific amount of sun from penetrating the glass and maintain a level of comfort inside. Cars, trucks, SUVs and buildings are commonly seen with window tinting. It can be applied to straight or curved surfaces and although there are different DIY kits, it is recommended that you have a professional tinting service install the tint to make sure it is done right and looks aesthetically pleasing and professional.

A certain level of tinting may be done on some vehicles during manufacturing but is generally a light tinting to make sure that it does not infringe on any state laws. Anything above and beyond manufacturer installation will need to be done by a window tinting expert. If you decide to add different tinting to your car windows, you will need to know your state laws on the degree of tinting you are allowed to apply to all the different windows in the car.

Benefits Of Window Tinting

Your automobile is one of your biggest investments and like your home, it requires maintaining in order to stay looking nice and running at its optimum. You want to protect your investment. Tinting the windows of your vehicle is one way of protecting you and your passengers, as well as it protects your vehicle from the destructive rays of sun. Although many people think of window tinting as a way of making their car more aesthetically pleasing to look at, there are many other reasons to tint the windows of your car that will help with its look and functionality. The biggest benefits of window tinting include:

• UV Ray Protection

UV rays have been found to increase the risk of skin aging and skin cancer. Window tinting can help reduce up to 99% of UV rays that penetrate the windows and stream in across your skin. According to research, 53% of skin cancers found in the US are found on the left side of the body. This could be associated with drivers who spend a great deal of time in the car. When you tint the windows of your vehicle, you are helping to reduce the risk of UVA and UVB rays from causing skin damage and skin cancer by preventing them from even entering the car. If you spend a lot of time in the car driving, window tinting is a good option to help prevent UVA and UVB exposure.

• Fade Protection

The damaging effects of sunlight on your vehicle’s interior can cause your car to look much older and worn before it’s time. Cracked and faded vinyl are common types of damage to see from sunlight streaming through the windows for long periods of time. Dashboards and leather seats soon become faded or cracked and even cloth material may start to look faded due to overexposure to the continuous sun rays. Instead of dashboard sunscreens that don’t protect all of the interior, protect your investment completely and help keep your car looking newer longer with window tinting.

• Reduce Glare

Window tinting helps protect your eyes form the glare of the sun through the windows as well as the glare from the headlights from other cars. When your eyes are exposed to light glare for any length of time, it can cause fatigue, tired eyes which can lead to blurred or distorted vision. These distractions can put you at risk of an automobile accident. Tinting reduces the glare of any type of light so that you have clearer vision while driving without the need of sunglasses or troublesome visors. It also keeps your passengers’ eyes comfortable while riding, whether in the front or back.

• Reduce Solar Heat Discomfort

Solar heat builds up in a car quickly and can make it difficult to balance the level of comfort for you and all your passengers with the air conditioning. If you find you are always trying to adjust the AC to get the perfect balance throughout your vehicle, window tinting can be the solution. Window tinting blocks 35-65% of solar heat build-up in a car to make it more comfortable, especially in certain states with warmer climates.

• Glass Shatter Protection

One of the most concerning risks of driving a car is an accident. When you are in an accident, the windows and windshield are prone to shatter. Tinting on your windows is one of the best way to add protection against shattering glass. It prevents against flying shards of glass in the car as well as protection from being ejected from the car. Other types of accidents can cause your windows to shatter as well. A rock hitting the windshield, or hail. Window tinting protects your windows from these types of accidents as well.

• Privacy and Security

If you have ever had your car broken into, then you know the importance of keeping your valuables out of sight from thieves. Window tinting will make it difficult to impossible for thieves to see into your car and view your valuables. You will also feel more secure knowing that other drivers cannot see into your car as you drive down the road. You are protected from view behind the tinting.

Tinting Regulations

Tinting regulations vary from state-to-state. There are reasons why tinting is regulated and it has to do with safety and protection of others, especially law enforcement officers who need to be able to have clear vision of the inside of all vehicles. California allows manufactured tinting on vehicles but has specific requirements for after-market tinting. Before you have any tint work done on your car you need to be sure you know your state’s tint restrictions to avoid any problems with your car, such as a ticket and fines.

In California, if you decide to add your own tinting or have a professional tinting company add tint to your windows, the tint must comply with the following regulations or you could be ticketed and fined if your window tint is not within the guidelines of your state regulations. In California the window tinting regulations are:

1. The windshield cannot have after-market tint of any type of color or shade to it.
2. The front passenger window cannot have after-market tint, with an exception which is explained below. Law enforcement require that they are able to have a clear view into the vehicle from any view, front, back or sides.
3. If the back window has after-market tint, you must have rearview mirrors on the exterior of both sides of the vehicle.

If you decide to add after-market tint to your vehicle, there are regulations to what you are allowed to choose and use, this means the color and transparency of the tint that you are allowed to install on your windows. After-market window tint must be:

1. Transparent
2. Colorless
3. Clear

As long as your tint meets these standards, you are allowed to have after-market tint on the passenger window; however, it is not unheard of for some people to think they can fool law enforcement by only making their passenger window tint just shades lighter than the rear window tint. This will not fool law enforcement officers and in the end, they are the only ones whose opinion matters.

Why Should You Hire A Professional?

There are different types of DIY kits that range from cheaper versions to more expensive versions. If you have never applied window tint to your windows then you will likely experience a degree of difficulty, even with the more expensive versions.

• Hard to work with – When you get cheaper versions of window tint, you will likely get flimsy, more temperamental tinting that is hard to work with. Any window tint is capable of crinkling or creasing when applying it but cheap versions of DIY tint is even more difficult to work with. One small blow of a breeze and you could have a mess of your tint. Even a little dirt or debris can easily ruin your job.

 No do-overs – If the tint job isn’t what you wanted or looks a mess, you may be tempted to simply remove it and reapply. Unfortunately this isn’t recommended. Removing tinting from a window is actually harder and more involved than applying it due to the excessive stickiness of the adhesive used. A lot of DIY tinting jobs are recognizable just by the appearance, especially if they aren’t done correctly. They typically look unprofessional.

• Little UV protection – Many people want a quick, and cheap way of protecting the inside of their car by tinting their windows themselves with a DIY kit. DIY tinting kits are not the same as professional grade tinting. They do not offer the same protection from the sun’s rays as professional tinting. In most cases, the most a DIY job will get you is a little extra shading.

• No guarantee – When you do your own window tinting, the end result is up to you and whether it turns out well or not, there is no guarantee. If you are not happy with the final result or something went wrong during the installation, you have no recourse. A professional window tinting service will stand behind and guarantee their work.

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