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You may never have heard of a vehicle wrap before. It is the newest and latest technology available to consumers who care about their cars and their message. A vehicle wrap is a vinyl skin that is custom-wrapped around your vehicle. It can literally transform your car into the hottest thing around.

Custom Design Your Car

truck wrap

You may love the model of the car you drive, but you’ve grown tired of the color. Maybe you’ve always had the dream of changing the exterior of your car into a color you’ve never even seen in a car lot. Cool It Window Tint can offer you hundreds of options for vehicle colors and graphics that auto paint suppliers can’t provide. Whether you long to change your auto to a brilliant gleaming gold color or even multiple colors, you can do it with a vinyl vehicle wrap.

Why Choose A Vehicle Wrap?

Painting your car can take two weeks or longer. A vehicle wrap takes half that time, or less. A vehicle wrap also gives you the option of changing your car’s look every few years. On many surfaces it can be removed as easily as it went on.

Vinyl vehicle wraps are durable, and easy to keep clean. You won’t have to wax your car to keep the finish looking its best. A vehicle wrap only needs a simple wash with sudsy water to keep it clean.

Transform the look of the car you love with us at Cool It Window Tint.


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